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Doctors Are Treating Burns Differently Now

 Doctors in Brazil are now using Tilapia Skin to treat second and third degree burns in patients.

Scientists at the Federal University of Ceara Brazil made the discovery. The fish type used is Tilapia. The fish’s skin contains high levels of collagen and moisture. It does not just speed up the healing process but also drastically reduces the need for pain medicines.

The skin is first removed from the fish body, sterilised by a number of chemicals and disinfectants and then stored at a very low temperature.

Throughout the years, treatment of burns has been very expensive often requiring human skin or other synthetic alternatives but using Tilapia’s skin instead is cheap and ensures fast healing with no need for pain killers. It is applied as a bandage on the burnt skin.

In Brazil, the fish skin costs about 75% less than using cream treatment. Scientists are hoping that the treatment becomes widespread after further clinical trials.

See the video below:

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