Do you know questions you have to respond during census?

The Pakistan Bureau of Statistics (PBS) has completed its arrangements for the long-awaited sixth population census. The census team will comprise of one enumerator, one army personnel and regional security apparatus such as police and rangers will also cover the both.

The census has been started in 63 districts all around the country, whereas, 168,120 census blocks have been created. Each enumerator will cover two blocks and will spend 14 days in each block

Questionnaire to be filled:

There are two types of forms or questionnaires to be filled during census which are Form A, to be filled in 3 days, and Form B which is to be filled in 10 days.

Form A

Form A is house-listing operation in which you have to answer following question:

  • Area name
  • Building serial number
  • Building type, here you have to tell whether the building is used as residential purpose, office, shop or some other purpose.
  • Household serial number
  • Head of the family’s or head of the organization’s name
  • CNIC number of head of the family’s or head of the organization’s name
  • Economic activities of the household such as stitching, poultry etc are to list.

Form B

This form will include questions such as

  • Names of all the people in the household
  • Their relation with the head of family
  • Gender
  • Age
  • Marital status
  • Religion
  • Nationality
  • Literacy
  • Occupation during the last 12 months
  • CNIC for above 18
  • Nature of residence
  • House owner’s gender
  • Number of rooms
  • Construction date
  • Material of wall
  • Material of roof
  • drinking water source inside and outside
  • Light source i.e electricity, kerosene oil, gas lamp, other
  • Consumption material i.e. kerosene oil, gas, other
  • Kitchen type, whether attached, separate, or not available.
  • Toilet, whether attached, separate, or not available.
  • Bathroom
  • Kind of medium you use i.e radio, TV, newspaper, Telephone, mobile phone and computer/internet
  • If family member is settled in foreign or not