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Do what Obama “never did”, Zardari urges Trump

Asif Ali Zardari, former president urged Donald Trump to grab the opportunity missed by Obama administration and appoint a representative for South Asia region.

“Do What [President] Obama never did — Obama never had proper interaction with any Pakistani chief executive,” Zardari said. Pakistan Peoples Party co-chairman showed the wish to Trump to appoint a high level envoy to South Asia, as soon as possible, and work towards defeating terrorism, which previous president failed to do.

Asif Ali Zardari was of the view that critics should give him a chance to make his mark in South Asia rather than dismiss him out of hand.

Zardari was giving interview to “The Washington Times” during his visit to United States for Trump’s inauguration ceremony. He said “It’s too early…wait for the first 90 days at least, and then we see how the cookie crumbles, or talks and walks.”

He added “The man has managed to get a majority in states where it was never imagined that the Democrats could lose,” he said. “So how do we underestimate him?”

He continued “With the world being as it is, with the mindset of terrorism as the new war in the world,” he said, “the least the US can do is sit down with us and have a long drawn-out strategy, which we can work on together to fight this mindset.”