The DNA of the rapist of 12 girls seems to be common …



Riots broke out after the Rape case of 7-year-old Zainab became head lines on social media and world wide. During the protest 2 protestors were also killed by the firing of merciless policemen who opened fire on innocent people who came out to claim justice for Zainab. As investigation continues of the Kasur Rape Case certain major facts are coming into light.

Its reported that the Chief justice of Pakistan asked all the authorities to find the culprit within 48 hours. Over the past 2 years its believed that at least 12 similar murders took place in the same region and its said that at least 5 of the cases can be interconnected to the same person who seems to be a serial killer and a rapist.

Zainab’s father says that if the police would have taken a quick action on this case the killer would have been found up till then. Even after having a CCTV footage the police have so far failed to arrest the person.

The story of Zainab has made people realize that how important it is to educate children and aware them about the mishaps that can happen any time any where to any person no matter what their age is all children should know about good and bad touch. It should also be thought in every school as a curriculum.

Its high time for any nation to take action against these heinous crimes that are increasing day by day. More over its not only the girls that are vulnerable to such cases but also boys of adolescent age have become victim of many rapists.

Zainab’s family also told the media that the policemen were very less cooperative to find the culprit instead asked for reward once the dead body was found. Its such a heart breaking story that every one has now took notice of this. We hope that the authorities take some genuine action towards giving justice to Zainab and her family or else many more flowers will be crushed like this in coming future. We as a nation are not ready for this any more. As a nation we have suffered a lot in terms on injustice and if injustice like this keeps on continuing we as a nation should promise that we won’t let this happen any more.