District administration failed to check prices of bread

Rawalpindi, December 08 (Online): The Rawalpindi District administration has failed to check the prices of bread (Roti) as Naanbahi are still selling the bread of same price.
Currently Naanbahis are charging of Rs. 12 on naan and Rs. 10 on Pateeri roti. Inhabitants of Rawalpindi city including Muhammad Jameel, Muhammad Rafiq, Qasim Shafiq, Tahir Mirza have viewed that government has already accepted the demands of Naanbahi Welfare Association and restored old tariff. However, Naanbahis have totally refused to reduce the prices of bread and selling this on same rate.
They have appealed to the high-ups to look into the matter and solve it on urgent basis.
Survey of different markets revealed that ‘naan and Pateeri roti’ are being sold for Rs12 and 10 respectively at Saddar, Tench Bhatta, Peoples Colony, Dhoke Syedan, Masrial Road, Bakra Mandi, Committee Chowk, Liaquat Bagh, Raja Bazar and several other areas of the town as city’s Naan Bai Association has increased price.
Many owners of ‘tandoors’ have also displayed a new price list issued by their association in these areas. According to the ‘tandoor’ owners, the exorbitant hike in inputs’ cost forced them to opt for the raise.