Disney Faces Conservation Backlash for Backing LGBT Rights

A Texas-based “values” group is criticizing a number of key American companies for having the courage to demand the equal rights for LGBTs.

Texas Values called Disney, Apple, NCAA & Intel ‘’corporate bullies” for pressuring Nathan Deal, the Georgia Governor into vetoing a law that would’ve permitted the discrimination against LGBT people.

A number of companies backed the the bill; Disney threatened a boycott, saying that it’d stop filming in the state if the bill became law.

In the response to which Texas Values claimed that the companies had “declared war“on the religion:

It is striking that a day after Easter, churches in Georgia are said that their freedoms aren’t that important to protect. It is clear that the corporate giants like Intel, Disney, NCAA and Apple, have finally come out of their closets & had declared public war on religious freedom of clergy & religious schools, as was protection in Georgia’s very diffident HB 757 that they worked to bring down.

The group had singled out Disney in particular.

“Will Disney now ban you from wearing a cross outside your shirt at their parks?” said the the group in a statement. “Will a Catholic priest be forced to remove his white collar when he takes a picture with Mickey Mouse?”

Disney has however, numerous religiously themed events at its parks that includes the Candlelight Processional during the Christmastime at Epcot & the “Night of Joy,” that is an annual event featuring live music from Christian acts.

Dan Gainor of conservative Media Research Center also had some words for Disney:


Another Christian group attacked the Georgia Governor for vetoing bill, and accusied him of caving in to the corporate pressure. Russell Moore who is the president of Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission of the Southern Baptist Convention, had called the veto to be“shameful.”

However, Mr. Deal said that his veto was not about the boycott threats from companies such as Disney.

“Georgia is a welcoming state,” he stated. “It’s full of loving, kind and generous people. And that’s what we’d want. I intend to do my part to keep it that way.”