Disaster at Dubai..!

PCB under fire again

The total capitulation of Pakistan’s cricket team in the match played on 19 September 2018 at Dubai cricket stadium versus the Indian team must be taken positively for immediate corrective action before the start of the ICC ODI World Cup just after eight months time.

Victories and defeats are part of the game, but abject surrender is not acceptable, for which responsibility must be fixed and heads should roll.

In today’s India vs Pakistan match played at Dubai our entire team just scored 162 runs (which is not even a decent T20 match score) in 43.1 overs, which was easily overtaken by the Indian team in 29 overs for the loss of only two wickets.

The story of most shameful performance by our team is also very aptly reflected by the following statistics of dot balls played by our team:

Total balls of the Pakistani innings = 259 balls or 43.1 overs.
Total dot balls played by our team = 159 balls.

When a team plays almost 62% dot balls then DOUBTS about their capabilities, abilities and INTENTIONS are always raised.

Above all, this pathetic situation also demands ruthless accountability of all concerned who are associated with our team, particularly the captain and the team of coaches.

It is earnestly hoped that the new management of the PCB headed by Mr. Ehsan Mani also knows that the head coach of our team has never played a Test match in his cricketing career.

With this team management and the captain, it will be extremely difficult for our team to even move to the second round in the ODI World Cup schedule to start in May 2019 in England.

It is a timely wake up call for everyone concerned in the PCB, who were living in a false sense of comfort, after defeating Zimbabwe 5-0 in the ODI series, not realising that it was not even their C level team, due to the absence of six main players from the Zimbabwean Team.

This head coach and captain may not be the best choice for being retained till the next ODI World Cup. Especially, the captain who has unfortunately very badly failed to lead the team by example and from the front.

Mr. Aamir Suhail, considering that he is the best person available in the country, who possesses exceptional qualities of observing and correcting technical flaws of our players regarding batting, bowling, fielding, leadership and strategy matters; should be immediately appointed as head coach (and for any reason if it is not possible) then he should be appointed as team director, who should be the boss of the entire contingent of players, head coach, manager and all touring support staff.

If Mr. Aamir Suhail is appointed as the Team Director, may be there will be no need to replace the captain of the team; as under his mentorship, Sarfaraz Ahmad most probably will overcome his batting and leadership deficiencies, as well. Thus, leaving no need to find alternate player, as captain of the team.