DHA’s Gateway to Better Trade: Y Block Sector Shops and Restaurants

Baaghi eatery reviews select outlets in DHA, Lahore

DHA is the ultimate living destination for the super elite, elite, upper class as well as for the middle and to some extent, lower middle classes. With outclass amenities to safe and secure living; DHA is definitely the best place to be. Y Block in phase 3 is particularly one of the finest and most expensive sectors in DHA Lahore. Y block not only has the finest shops, restaurants and brand outlets within DHA but, also pharmacies as well as offices and other shops. This applies to the smaller sector shops of Y block. Since the last three years, some of the finest restaurants have started opening up in the sector markets all over DHA making it a very clean and hip place to be.

Dessert Directory located opposite Y-Block park, DHA.

The food served in many of these smaller eateries is very much a divine experience for those who consider themselves to be food enthusiasts and others alike. The restaurant to take ace in opening their outlet in the Y block market sector shops was Delish Pizza Bar. They claim to have the best dejunked pizza there can be. Typically Delish serves the best thin crust pizzas in town, while their Mac N Cheese and Beef lasagne is not as appealing as pizza [because come on, nothing can beat the cheesy gooey goodness of pizza!], they are just as deliciously amazing. Delish has a total of 4 outlets in Lahore with only one being in DHA.  Desert Directory is another food outlet, a bakery, which also opened its doors around the same time serving wonderfully healthy and fresh deserts to suite one’s palate.

Delish Pizza Bar and Burger Fix located in DHA Y-block.

Soon to follow were Grab Your Meal also known as G.Y.M and Thanda Garam. Each one of these restaurants offers a unique blend of food and beverages that are unique to this sector market only. The sandwiches served by G.Y.M are tastefully yummy and very filling. The fresh juices they serve are truly fresh. As for Thanda Garam, they offer a unique blend of different juices and drinks that are only available with them. So if you are a food lover it is a must for you to hit up on these places at least once, and trust me, you will keep coming back for more.

Thanda Garam and Grab Your Meal [G.Y.M]
Recently this market has welcomed new entrants in the market, Novu offer a range of savoury and sweet variety of Chinese and Thai dishes from the Pan Asian Cuisine. They have a good serving for an even better price and the ambiance of the place is great which is a bonus of course. As for Burger Fix which is the latest new restaurant in the area claim to have the juiciest burgers around, with a good family friendly atmosphere to dine-in as well. This is their third outlet in Lahore after Bahria Town and Johar Town.

Novu, offering a variety from Pan Asian Cuisine, is located in Y- block DHA, Lahore.


All in all I would recommend that everyone should visit the market at least once to see the openness and cleanliness that surrounds the market and the restaurants that offer a good clean place to sit and have great food. These are food outlets that should not be missed out on, all of these places should be tried at least once before deciding on which should be your favourite place to hang out with friends and family.