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Depression boosts risk of cancer death

Paris: People, who mostly remain in depressed or tensed situation, are more likely to die from certain types of cancer, a latest study revealed Thursday.

Before this, another study had revealed the connection between deaths and cardiac arrests.

The latest study has been done on some 160,000 adults in England which indicated that those people with psychologically distressed situation are more likely to get cancer, particularly of colon, prostate and pancreas.

The study has been published in BMJ medical journal according to which Leukaemia and cancer of the oesophagus are also found in this group.

The data was researched by a team led by David Batty of University College London that examined raw material, covering 163,363 people aged 16 and over.

The participants were observed for one year and it was noticed that 4,300 people died of cancer.

BBC reported that the researchers were cautious in their conclusions, pointing out that a statistical link does not necessarily signify a cause-and-effect relationship between mood and cancer.

The scientists also claimed that they have found growing evidence that physical and mental health do not function on separate planes.

It is pertinent to mention here that the previous study revealed that anxiety and depression caused cardiac disease and stroke.

It is noteworthy here that depression or anxiety is known as the fact to disrupt hormonal balance to boost the natural cortisone concentrations.

During the study, it has also been observed that people who are down in the dumps are more likely to smoke, drink and become obese, all associated with a higher cancer risk, BBC maintained.

The team could not discount that depression may be a result, rather than the cause, of cancer.

“Distress might be a consequence of the early stages of the malignancy rather than a potential predictor,” they noted.