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Democrats Could See Victory by Losing on Supreme Court

The Democrats have a dilemma when it comes to their conflict to get Senate to vote on Supreme Court nominee: What really can they do and how hard should they push?

The Party congresspersons offered up weeks of fuming floor speeches & the dramatic media events in front of high court, shifting the public opinion their way, but the Republicans have barely budged. Just 2 of them agreed that President Obama’s choice to replace late Justice Antonin Scalia, Merrick Garland, should get hearings.

While the Democrats have persistently targeted Senator Chuck Grassley, the Chairperson of the Judiciary Committee, who faces re-election this year, the notoriously stubborn Iowan took to Senate floor on Thursday to announce the pressure a thorough failure.

“You can almost hear ruby slippers on the other side clicking while they wish this narrative they describe about us on this side of the aisle were true,” said Grassley. “The fact is — the pressure they’ve applied thus far has had no impact on this senator’s principled position.”

That leaves the Democrats fronting an interesting stalemate. While they are losing their fight to sway Grassley & Mitch McConnell, the Senate Majority Leader when it comes to a nominee, they are winning a public relations war — especially in the swing states like Illinois, Wisconsin and Ohio where the prognosticators see Democrats’ electoral chances refining.

In  the effect, Democrats are in unusual place of being able to drive for one thing they want in confirmation of Obama’s 3rd Supreme Court pick & failing that, increase their chances of winning something else they want: control of US Senate next year.

However, the question arises that how to cope with that strain, especially on Garland front. When it comes to receiving a vote for nominee, congresspersons are mostly stuck with a grab bag of vague Senate procedures that stand a little chance of success.

“I do not have any idea how we do it procedurally. I do not know how you do any of that, I just think Republicans should do their job on it, period,” said Senator Sherrod Brown.

The truth is that the Democrats do not really have many options if Grassley does not hold hearings & McConnell does not call a vote.