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Declan Walsh-NYT writes another article with twisted facts regarding Bol

Declan Walsh-NYT writes another article with twisted facts and pack of lies after a year to drift the country’s attention from the prevalent Panama Leaks issue to Axact and BOL allover again and rescue Government and Associates from major Fraud and yet another case of corruption and openly criticised and disgrace the Pak Army; following his trend and tradition.

His biggest lie is that the case is not proceeding because of Axact and nothing has been done because of so called pressure by Axact. However on the face of it – everyone knows that how FIA and its prosecutors have played delaying tactics to ensure that Axact and BOL stays stuck in this false propaganda and company fails to revive its operations in the market if released.

The fact is everything is destroyed even the media company bol and all offices are sealed, Against court orders and are still under posession of FIA with major equipment and assets stolen. 8000 employees are jobless. Company executives are in jail without bail for a year now. Court documents show that FIA prosecutors made excuses for over 40 times to delay the bail hearings in lower court and high court and the courts allowed them.

He started his article with a blatant lie. He tried to create a false impression that US companies bank accounts associated with Shoaib Shaikh are being blocked or investigated due to the false allegation made by the FIA similar to the way accounts were blocked in Pakistan. However USA companies matter was a civil case and had no relation whatsoever with the ongoing investigation in Pakistan. He purposely hid the fact again and did not mention that the US court has ordered that there was no wrong doing or illegal activity conducted by the US companies, and released all companies from the civil matter in the final order.

Declan Walsh following his trend once again cooked up a new and baseless story based on his overnight absurd revelation where he discovered Axact bank accounts in numerous other countries. Seems like the claims were inspired by the prevalent Panama Leaks; also he mentioned Shoaib to have bank accounts in offshore countries St. Vincent and Grenadines , Panama, etc. Which is absolutely senseless and self driven propaganda.

He also tried to use Mr. Shaikh’s sister Uzma Shaheen’s name, accusing her of transferring millions of dollars from US companies, however she has no concern with or role with any of the company.

Last year Declan Walsh first article was published on 18th May 2015, which was immediately rebutted and clarified but the “Persona non Grata” ignored it purposely and kept publishing numerous articles (Dated on: 19th May, 20th May, 23rd May) till 28th May 2015, to ensure a strict legal action to be enforced by the legal authorities in Pakistan against Axact and BOL, which created a platform for Govt to arrest the company’s officials including CEO Shoaib Shaikh and illegally seize their buildings and other assets. Likewise he started his game of false and impulsive allegations all over again after an year which gives us surety of this being a desperate and hasty measure to drift and draw attention from the prevalent major issues in Pakistan and more importantly to pressurise further rigorous action again against them. Now we expect more articles to be followed by him over n over again as he has done in past to convey his associates’ opinion and objectives.

This article came exactly at a time when all anchors and TV channels and even imran khan asked why axact and bol were targeted so swiftly and forcefully on a single story and there is no action against Sharifs on Panama leaks? The article and it’s timings show that it is clearly a sponsored article to transfer media attention from Panama leaks and to malign Pakistan Army.

Basically Axact case shows that without any evidence, how Political will and Government agencies (FIA) can play with the Justice system of this country.