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Debbie Wasserman Schultz Facing a Challenge from Tim Canova.

Tim Canova, who is a progressive law professor taking on Representative Debbie Wasserman Schultz  pulled in over half a million dollars in the first 3 months of 2016, acc. to his campaign.

Tim Canova raised 557,000 dollars, powered by the small donations – that is a colossal sum for a political newcomer.

Around 15,300 people donated, for a regular contribution of 20 dollars. Only 6 people gave the maximum amount that is permitted under the law, meaning that Mr. Canova still has a major pool of people to tap into for forthcoming donations.

Wasserman Schultz never faced a severe primary challenger in her congressional career, & as the chairperson of the Democratic National Committee, she’s a tough candidate.

Last Monday, Schultz scored the official support of President Obama. It was not however entirely surprising, given her position in party. Nevertheless, it still gave her a profile boost & one of the most longed for endorsements in party.

It also provoked her opponents to give Tiim Canova an infusion of cash.

In 4 days following President Obama’s endorsement, Tim Canova received nearly $100,000 that is almost a quarter of what he’d raised in the 3-month period, even though they never fundraised off endorsement.

Tim Canova stated that he read President Obama’s statement as “pretty boilerplate” & thought it displayed that Schultz was concerned about losing her race.

“It is what you’d expect from a favor being called in. Let us see if he does much more in the way of campaigning for her,” said Canova. He also added that he has been trying to point out to voters the key areas where DNC chair disagreed with President Obama.

“We have gotten her attention. She would not have been running to White House to get that sort of statement if she was not worried,” said Tim Canova

Schultz’s campaign didn’t return a request for remark on her first-quarter fundraising pull, but Tim Canova’s numbers are higher than what she raised in the previous period.