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Death toll in Occupied Kashmir jumps to 111

Loss of life in Indian-held Kashmir has ascended to 111 as another young was martyred by involving powers on Saturday.

22-year-old Javed Ahmed Mir was lethally injured as troops shelled serene protestors in Budgam District today.

As per Kashmir Media Service, no less than 14,000 local people have been harmed while 111 martyred in the most recent 106 days. Apparently, another 70 Kashmiris were kept today.

Then again, it has been no less than two months since Yasin Malik, a leaser of All Parties Hurriyat Conference (APHC) was taken in authority to smother dissents and hostile to Indian showings in the valley.

Apparently, Malik’s wellbeing has decayed in confinement and in spite of specialists’ suggestions, manikin administration of Indian-held Kashmir has not paid heed to the issue.

Mishal Malik, spouse of the confined pioneer has kept in touch with Secretary General of United Nations Organization (UNO), Ban Ki-moon and Russian President, Vladimir Putin asking part to fathom Kashmir question.

She had said as of late that her better half’s life was in risk if opportune therapeutic treatment was denied.