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Death sentence of convicted retired captain delayed

RAWALPINDI: On Thursday, the Adiala jail authorities stated that execution of a sentenced mass murderer has been delayed, whereas one more convicted murderer will be executed at the Central Jail Adiala.

Retired Capt Zaffar Iqbal was given the death sentence for killing 11 members of a family in the Ayya Mohallah in Rawalpindi and Sangori village in Mandra on Jan 10, 1994.

He was arranged to be hanged at Adiala Jail on Thursday, April 14.

Iqbal’s execution has been overdue until April 17, as discussions between the victim’s families and the criminal’s for a settlement are continuing.

The offender’s evaluation request was excluded by a three member Supreme Court bench in 2008, and his clemency plea was also overruled by the president. After his clemency plea was overruled, his relatives were engaged to embrace their last meeting with Iqbal as his execution was decided for Thursday.

Iqbal killed six members of Capt Sarwar Shaheed’s family in Rawalpindi, and then voyaged to the Sangori village where he murdered additional five members of the family.

The Anti-Terrorism (ATC) punished him to death, and the Lahore High Court (LHC) later upheld the ATC’s order.

Separately, Mohammad Javaid, a tenant of Chontra who was condemned in a murder case will be executed at Adiala Jail. After his death permits were fixed by the applicable court, his families held their last meeting with him at the jail on Wednesday.