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Daniyal Aziz once again exposed, speaks venomously about Nawaz Sharif

Daniyal Aziz of PML-N was once in romance with Musharraf but when Musharraf left the seat, Daniyal Aziz jumped in the camp of Nawaz Sharif. He served on top positions without any prior experience. Now a days Daniyal Aziz is close to Mariam Nawaz Sharif and working in media cell. It is widely said that Marim and Daniyal are working together against GHQ and Dawn controversial story was given to Cyril by Daniyal Aziz, but these are just statements so far. As long as Ch Nisar will not announce the guilty we can only speculate. This video is from those days when Daniyal Aziz was working with Musharraf and used to speak venomously about Nawaz Sharif.