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Dancing gorilla’s video goes viral

Leicestershire: A 3 years old silver back gorilla ‘Lope’ captured dancing to music in Twycross Zoo.

The video was posted on Facebook and it gets viral drawing over 1.1 million view thus far, reported.

According to zoo’s ape team leader Simon Childs, “the video shows our youngest gorilla, Lope, as he is playing. He celebrated his 3rd birthday in January and play is a very important aspect of behavior for young apes, both in zoos and the wild.

Visitors to Twycross Zoo can see Lope playing like this very often. When in a playful mood, adult gorillas can be seen showing this behavior too.”

Plus, while you can’t see it in the video, Lope and his fellow ape pals have a lot of room to dance around both indoors and outdoors!

Not everyone is charmed; some at the Facebook link worried that the behavior was indicative of a bored or troubled animal.