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Cruz Seems to Arise from Wisconsin as Trump’s Alternative

Ted Cruz, the republican candidate seems poised for the victory over Trump in Wisconsin on Tuesday, bestowing himself as a uniter for the Republican voters in spite of a Senate tenancy marked by the bitter feuds & the uncompromising stances.

The Texas Senator, Ted Cruz, is trying to brand the case he’s the last remaining Republican candidate with a trail to beat Donald Trump for party’s presidential nomination & is the best choice available for Republicans who can’t bring themselves to vote for Trump.

The Wisconsin’s primary contest would be a trial of whether Cruz’s strategy will work. The Opinion polls show that Ted Cruz opened up a lead in state on Donald Trump, the front-runner to become party’s nominee in the November, 8 presidential elections. John Kasich, the Ohio Governor is in 3rd place.

“The entire country’s looking to Wisconsin,” said Cruz on Monday. “What we’re seeing in Wisconsin is unity of the Republican Party manifested.”

Under a week of the headlines focused on his missteps & his holdup in Wisconsin polls, Donald Trump unconfined a strategy on how he’d fulfill his campaign assurance to make Mexico pay for wall that he has proposed along the border of the United States.

Donald Trump had vowed to cut off money transmissions to Mexico unless it made a payment of 5 billion dollars to 10 billion dollars for the wall, if he is designated. However, the step obstructing the remittances could cripple the economy of Mexico.

Donald Trump has made the wall a keystone of his larger podium targeting the illegal immigration, a stance that is popular with his supporters.

In Democratic race, Bernie Sanders has a slim lead over Hillary Clinton & is trying to add to his momentum after winning 5 of the last 6 contests.

Playing a party uniter is the unlikely role for Ted Cruz, who had forced govt. of the United States to shut down for 6 days in 2013 in a budget fight with Barack Obama.

“Everybody hates Cruz,” said Donald Trump at his rallies.

But the enmity toward Donald Trump amongst many in party establishment is such that Ted Cruz can now count 5 of his former foes for presidential nomination among his supporters.

Ted Cruz has taken his steps to soften his image. Cruz told Megyn Kelly (Fox News Anchor) in Wisconsin, that he wanted he’d done a “better job reaching out” to his Senate colleagues & building a broader alliance.