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Cruz is ‘Lucifer in Flesh’, Says Former Speaker of House

Former Speaker of the House of Representatives, John Boehner, has called Ted Cruz, the US presidential hopeful the “Lucifer in the flesh.”

Mr. Boehner, who’s a fellow Republican, has also reportedly said that he would not vote for Ted Cruz if he becomes the nominee.

Their gap dates back to when Mr. Cruz had led a group of the hard-core conservatives to coerce a government shutdown in year 2013, against the leadership of his party.

In the meantime, Mr. Boehner elaborated Trump as a “texting buddy”.

He also stated that they’ve played golf together for years & that he’d vote for Trump if he were the Republican nominee, reported the Stanford Daily.

The rich person is the competitor on the race for the Republican nomination, ahead of Mr Cruz.

The Texas legislator is seen by several Republicans because the only choice to prevent Mr Trump from being the party’s candidate. Others, however, dispute this, expressing that he’s a dissentious figure.

Mr Boehner, who was the most powerful Republican in United States of America politics for a time till he resigned last Oct, used robust language when he spoke concerning Mr. Ted Cruz throughout a chat at Stanford.

“I have Democrat friends and Republican friends. i get along with almost everybody, however I have never worked with a more miserable son of a bitch in my life,” he said.

John Boehner tells United States of America how he really feels.

At a time when Ted Cruz is striving to save his presidential campaign, having a former upper-level member of the GOP compare him to beelzebub is, let’s say, unhelpful. It additional reinforces the perception – beat time and time once more by Donald Trump – that Mr. Ted Cruz is too dissentious, too abrasive, too unliked to be a victorious leader.

The Texas legislator seemingly would counter that he has created the proper kind of enemies and therefore the ire of the party institution is a badge he can with pride wear. sadly for him, however, the party institution is simply concerning the sole issue left keeping his candidacy afloat.

He has become the vessel for the #NeverTrump efforts – the last realistic candidate between Mr. Donald Trump on the nomination – and insiders who, in the other state of affairs, wouldn’t hesitate to stick a knife in Mr Cruz’s back inhabit that movement.

It appears that Mr. Boehner, who is contented with his departure from politics, had no such misgivings.