Crowd rush to take selfie with injured Neha Dhupia

Neha Dhupia met with an accident on her way to the airport in Chandigarh. The actor was present in the town to promote her podcast series, No Filter Neha Season 2. However, what was more unfortunate was the fact that when the actor met with the accident, instead of helping her, people around were wanting to take a selfie with her, Indian Express reported.

“Neha met with an accident on her way to the airport in Chandigarh after promoting Nofilter Neha. A car from behind rammed into hers. The impact hurt her shoulder a bit but there’s nothing serious. She is doing fine. The back window of the car is broken. It was quite insensitive of the crowd to take selfies after they saw she met with an accident,” said a source close to Neha.

While updating her fans and well-wishers on her recovery, Neha Dhupia thanks well-wishers and write a heartfelt note for fans.

”Thank you for all your wishes and blessings! A car crash can’t stop me from being myself but it has made me appreciate every little thing even more than before. So yes, I’m well and safe. And happy to take selfies with everyone who wants one.”, the note said.