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Cristina Fernandez, Ex-Argentine President Indicted with Money Laundering

A prosecutor has charged Cristina Fernandez, who stepped down as president of Argentina in December after eight years in office, with money laundering, reported the local media on Saturday.

The verdict follows the testimony on Friday by executive Leonardo Farina, who in an appeal bargain involved the ex-president of Argentine, her late husband & the former President Nestor Kirchner in a case associated to the money laundering & embezzling funds reserved for the public works.

Julio De Vido, who is the longtime ally of Cristina Fernandez and Nestor Kirchner ally and the former minister, was also charged, reported the local newspapers Clarin & La Nacion, while citing the judicial sources.

The charges however couldn’t be immediately confirmed with the prosecutor’s office.


Another ally of Cristina Fernandez, businessperson Lazaro Baez, last Tuesday was arrested for interrogation as part of the same investigation.

The 63 year old Fernandez is due to answer the questions in court on Wednesday over a discrete probe into sale of U.S. dollar futures contracts at the below-market rates by central bank during her administration.

Cristina Fernandez, a leftist leader from Peronist party, was banded constitutionally from looking for a 3rd consecutive term. Mauricio Macri, the Opposition Candidate won the Nov. election, ending over a decade of the Peronist rule.