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Crackdown against slaughterhouses causes menu changes in Aligarh University

ALIGARH: Meat items removed from the menu of Aligarh Muslim University (AMU) as the University administration was facing problems in arranging meat following UP government’s crackdown against slaughterhouses.

The students of the Aligarh Muslim University hostel are forced to satisfy their hunger by consuming vegetables. The change was made after the shutdown of slaughterhouses in the city. A letter was written by the students of the university to the vice chancellor regarding the matter.

Management said that it was facing difficulties in arranging 500 kilograms of meat every day for 19 dining halls of the hostel. All the slaughterhouses were closed by the UP government during the crackdowns by alleging them ‘illegal.’

Management also said that the menu was changed after assurance that no means of buffalo meat have remained. To provide food to the students, management had altered the whole menu with vegetable items.

UP Pollution Control Board Regional Officer Kalika Singh, while talking about the meat availability in Aligarh claimed, four out of seven slaughterhouses were functional, but due to the shortage of animals, they were also closed. Due to some irregularities, government’s own slaughterhouse was closed in 2014. The student union of the university opposed to accepting menu having vegetables only.

The matter had become political when it was being mentioned by the leader of All India Majlis-e-Ittehadul Muslimeen saying that 15,000 students of the university were not served meat since 26 March, and he took aim at BJP for prohibiting students from meat.