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Court Tells Perfectly Healthy Man that He is, in fact, Dead

By Kate Buck

If you think you’re having a bad day, just wait until you read this.

Constantin Reliu, 63, had the shock of his life when he was told that he was, in actual fact, dead. Domestic violence survivor who had wrist axed by ex gets bionic limb His wife had registered his death in 2016 after he didn’t return to Romania from Turkey, where he had worked as a chef for more than 20 years. He has since been living a legalistic nightmare of trying to prove to authorities that he is alive. He faced a major setback on Thursday when a court in the northeastern city of Vaslui refused to overturn his death certificate because his request was filed ‘too late.’

In this Wednesday, March 14, 2018 photograph Constantin Reliu speaks to media, outside a courtroom, in Vaslui, northern Romania. A Romanian court has rejected a man's claim that he's alive, after he was officially registered as deceased, according to a court spokeswoman who said that the 63-year-old man has lost his case because he appealed too late. I am a living ghost,??? he said venting his frustration against local authorities and his wife who he says unlawfully took ownership of a property after he was declared dead. (Simona Voicu/Adevarul via AP)
Dead Man Walking?

The decision, the court said, is final. ‘I am a living ghost,’ Reliu said. ‘I am officially dead, although I’m alive. I have no income and because I am listed as dead, I can’t do anything.’ Reliu also spoke of his rage rage and a desire for revenge against his wife, who now lives in Italy. He said: ‘I am not sure whether I am divorced or not. I am not sure whether she is married to someone else or not. Nobody will tell me.’ Reliu explained that he first went to work in Turkey in 1992 and returned in 1995 to the first big shock of his marriage, his wife had cheated on him. In 1999, he decided to return to Turkey for good.

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