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Court orders Waseem to appear in court

Karachi: Court ordered Waseem’s manager to present Waseem in the court. Waseem Akram’s manager present in East Magistrate court at Karachi, told the court that Waseem Akram has conciliated with the opposite party.

Court asked about the absence of Waseem Akram from the court and ordered to present him before Magistrate, otherwise investigation officer will arrest him and produce in the court.

In the last hearing of the case, court already had asked to issue the arrest warrant of former cricket team captain, Waseem Akram for his continuous absence from the court. It is the thirty-second hearing in which Waseem Akram is not present in the court of East Magistrate beside the orders of his arrest in last hearing.

This is the case which was filed on a request lodged by Wasim Akram at Bahadurabad police station subjecting fired shot his vehicle at Karsaz Road, Karachi in 2016. According to reports, Waseem was on his way to National Stadium Bowling Camp to train boys bowling lessons when unknown person his vehicle with Waseem’s car; and after a verbal quarrel he opened fire on Waseem’s car in which captain former captain remained safe and lodged a complain with the information of vehicle at police station.

East Magistrate issued Waeem’s arrest warrant on January 09 at Bahadurabad Police station and ordered Waseem to present himself before the court on January 17, today’s hearing, in which Waseem was not present again before the court.