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Court dismisses case against Axact

Karachi: An apex court has dismissed the case against Axact Company as well as disapproved the appeal of FIA regarding fake degree case.

According to the sources, Judge Abdul Qadir Memon heard the case and announced the judgment here on Monday (today).

The judgment was reserved on 20th October, the sources added.

The details revealed that the apex court had heard the arguments of lawyers of FIA and Axact.

Axact Company’s lawyer Advocate Rizwan Abbasi told the apex court that the case was based on conspiracy and thatconspiracy was made by Geo, Express Tribune and Indian agents.

Meanwhile, he also told the court that in order to block the new media channel BOL, the conspiracy was made against the software company.

Rizwan Abbasi went on to say that Axact is working since 2006 but to block the BOL, the conspirators made a fake case against the Axact in 2015.

Rizwan Abbasi mentioned that the conspirators include Sultan Lakhani, the owner of Express Tribune that is affiliated with New York Times.