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Court accepts bail plea of Saleem Shahzad

Karachi: The Anti Terrorism Court (ATC) on Saturday gave decision on bail plea of former Muttahidda Qaumi Movement’s (MQM’s) leader Saleem Shahzad, issuing orders to release him.

The ATC was hearing case against MQM and PPP leaders alleging that Dr Asim provided medical treatment and shelter to terrorists and criminals on the request of Pakistan Peoples Party leader Qadir Patel, MQM’s leaders Abdul Rauf Siddiqui, Wasim Akhtar, Anis Qaimkhani and Saleem Shahzad.

Shahzad appealed in the court for his bail and asked to move abroad to get medical assistance, on which decision was saved on February 18.

ATC hears bail plea of former MQM leader Saleem Shehzad

Court has accepted bail plea of Saleem Shahzad and ordered him to submit Rs. 500,000 as bail money. However, the court has issued orders to confiscate his UK passport and restricted him to move abroad.

Saleem Shahzad was arrested from Karachi airport on February 6, just after his arrival in Pakistan after living in self-exile for more than twenty years. On February 7, he was presented in ATC. Shahzad was proclaimed offender in Dr Asim case and is accused of the treatment of terrorists from Dr Asim’s hospital. About three hundred cases are also registered in the name of Saleem Shahzad.