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Cosmetic surgery gone terribly wrong

The world of cosmetic surgery is one of the most lucrative businesses in the world.

Since it emphases on our uncertainties over our arrivals, people will toss their money towards plastic surgery on a steady basis, all in the mission for the perfect body. Most people can only afford a surgery or two, so they have to pick one thing they really want to correct about their body.

But celebrities, who have endless bank accounts, don’t have a limit on how many surgeries they can have. Along with the endless bank accounts, celebrities also have the constant pressure of having the perfect body and having perfect looks. And since time isn’t our friend, the multiple surgeries are usually a result from wanting to look young.

These days, it seems that if you have the cash, then you have the opportunity to fix that lip, lift that brow, and get the Botox injections to make you seem much younger than what you are.