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Corruption of 6 crores revealed in COMSATS Institute


A corruption of almost 6 crores has been reported in the COMSATS Institute of Information and Technology.

Moreover, according to sources, the senior officials of Higher Education Commission (HEC) are reported to have been involved in the scam. The probe is opened into the case on a wider level.

According to details, expense of estimated 60 crore was expected for the project of COMSATS Institute, Attock and 8 crores was expected for the construction of blocks for boys and girls. However, 6 cores were used in the name of renovation of old building of water sector project. Moreover, no documentations have been found of this expense and the corruption of 6 crores from national treasure is expected to be assisted by HEC seniors officials.

Consquently, the investigation committee has ordered to widen the circle of investigation and recover the money.