Conundrum in NA as spitfire Gulalai, PTI trade barbs

Former PTI leader Ayesha Gulalai has announced that she will not resign from the seat of Member National Assembly (NA).

Delivering a fiery speech in the National Assembly, she said, “I do not accept a person like Imran Khan and do not accept the politics rather only accept the character. I reject the trend of politics of abuses.”

As soon as I left the PTI, the social media brigade of PTI started attacking me. I left the PTI on principles and on the basis of truth. When I was in PTI, I was the best but as soon as I left the party I will become the most corrupt woman, she complained.

“I asked Imran Khan to apolgoise publicly from the women of Pakistan that he committed a mistake.”

She said she will also move a privilege motion against Shireen Mazari for calling her “a stranger in the house”. They tried to polticise my press conference.

She asked why not the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa government start accountability of the big fish of the province. The accountability commission of KP government has yet not recovered a single penny of corruption.

“I appeal to all the parents to protect their children as some people and parties are training them to be abusive,” she added.

I will speak the truth and feel proud to be a MNA. As a woman MNA, it is my top most duty to protect the dignity of the women of this country. Islam also teaches us about the purgation of character and soul and not just the physical appearance, she said.

During her address, the PTI women MNAs chanted loud slogans against her. She said she know which woman comes on merit in the PTI. Due to their politics, I was unable to congratulate the newly-elected prime minister. I congratulate Shahid Khaqan Abbasi. I also welcomed the parliamentary committee formed on the text messages issue.

Gulalai said she gives a message to the women of Pakistan not to compromise on respect and dignity. They are giving threats to my family. My sister is a sportswoman and PTI did not spare her even. “I thanked the Jamaat-e-Islami and Bilawal Bhutto for giving support to my stance.”