Consumer Protection Council takes action against Sheesha flavors

Rawalpindi, December 08 (Online): The Consumer Protection Council Rawalpindi official took action against sale of Sheesha (Hookah) flavors and imposed heavy fine on them who involved in this business.
The sale, purchase and use of sheesha (hookah) and the flavoured tobacco used in it is on the rise even though there is ban on smoking it in public places.
Sources stated that Consumer Protection Council Inspector Rawalpindi Idrees Randhawa took action against Sheesha flavors in Committee Chowk Pan Shop, Khawaja Pan Shop Food Street. The owners of these shops are allegedly selling the Sheesha flavors without any fear.
Action has been taken on the violations of Consumer Protection act. It is illegal for all under the age of 18 to buy cigarettes, tobacco, flavoured tobacco used for sheesha and other drugs for their personal use from the market. Tobacco for sheesha is available in a number of flavours including coconut, blueberry, grapes, cardamom and strawberry, apple and apricot.