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Considering Evidence of a Hand behind News Leaks Report and Nawaz Relations with India

By Sanniah Hassan

Sources: The perpetrators behind the spread of the interview also played a vital role in the news leaks.

Lahore: In the aftermath of Nawaz Sharif’s controversial interview and the reaction of the Indian media, the social circles in Pakistan are extremely angry with the former Prime Minister.

According to sources, a search for evidence against the spread of the news leak, and Sharif family business relations with an important Indian individual as well as their meetings, is underway. Nawaz Sharif’s motives for giving such a controversial interview, questions regarding the hand behind the international pressure on Pakistan are also being investigated by the concerned departments.  It is believed that the people close to the ex-Prime minister were behind the news leak report and that these are the same people who have played a part in spreading the recent controversy through the Indian and international media.

 Some sources believe that Mehmood Achakzai and other important leaders are involved in the decision to have international pressure forced onto the government departments, so that they may be forced to strike a deal with Nawaz Sharif. For this, they have made use of regular as well as government funding. In this regard, Nawaz Sharif was all set to give interviews against the national institutes of Pakistan to three Indian channels as well as two media houses, which were to take place in Lahore but reports of these interviews spread and they were cancelled before they could take place. As a consequence of failed planning, a close ally of Sharif decided to undermine national departments and Pakistan by starting an international conspiracy.

Sources claim that a new interview might surface which will be given to international channels where Sharif and two other members of the N-League plan to target the institutions of Pakistan in international media. Sources further claim that, Achakzai, MQM as well as ANP were taken into confidence before the international media propaganda.