Conjoined twins separated after successful surgery in Lahore


Lahore: Conjoined twins have been separated in a successful surgery by a medical team in Lahore Children Hospital, a private media channel reported.

The sources reported that both the brothers – Ibrahim and Ismael – were separated by a team led by Dr Mahmood Shaukat in a surgery lasted for 7 hours.

According to the hospital management, Ibrahim‘s condition is critical while Ismail’s life is out of danger. The administration has shifted both the brothers to intensive care unit (ICU) after the surgery.

Earlier, a board at the hospital had suggested their surgery in Saudi Arabia with an estimated cost of around Rs10 million, but a special board at the King Edward (KE) Medical College rejected the possibility of shifting them to Saudi Arabia due to delay in issuance of grant by the provincial government.

It is pertinent to mention here that conjoined twins take birth once every 200,000 births and most of them do not survive.

About 40 percent to 60 percent of conjoined twins arrive stillborn and about 35 percent live only one day.

Separately, death rates for twins, who do live and then undergo separation, depend on their type of connection and the organs they share.