Confessions with Saman H.

Saman HussnainHello Friends !Are you upset , angry or frustrated about an issue or situation in your life .Do you have a secret or a taboo subject in our society that you want to share or discuss ? Is there something in your life that is haunting you or you are too ashamed to talk about with anyone? Do you need some advise or help or a listening ear? .Do you need someone to rescue you from a situation that is beyond your control ?Are you afraid to be judged for your feelings , emotions or relationship issues? Are you just looking for a friend who will not judge you , dislike you or make you feel embarrassed no matter what you confess ? If your answer is YES ! then you need to know you are in the right place .Welcome to confessions with Saman H ! I care to listen , understand and resolve your problems , issues and situations .Above all your confession and your true identity is kept strictly confidential .Hope to hear from you soon.



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