Confessions of an Alcoholic

Possessed by the London Gin!

I must confess that being an alcoholic is not one simple piece of cake. Being an alcoholic means being addicted to the fact that you’re literally hooked to the best thing the world has ever had. Although, it is cleaner than most other addictive drugs out there such as cocaine, marijuana, and cigarettes.  The fact of the matter is, alcohol isn’t a very good thing either but what can one do, alcohol is the drink of life, and it is like drinking from the fountain of youth. When I have alcohol by my side, I am free, I am who I am.

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A person has three faces, one that he shows to his family, the second he shows to his friends and the third that only he sees. However, an alcoholic has 4; the fourth face is when he is drunk with the fountain of life. That is when a person can truly see what he is capable of doing. Whenever I am alone with my favourite drink, my Dry London Gin that is when the music starts to flow. That is truly when I am going with the flow. The music just flows through me that am the only time that music makes sense to me. The notes, the beats of the drum soothes out my knots in my head that are stuck like stones in a man’s kidney. They flow like yogurt that only flows once it’s been beaten.  Although alcohol is not ideally the best thing to consume and I was never like this. I only started when the pressures of life took its toll on me. I had money but I didn’t have the music in me to continue. I needed the music back in my life. I turned to my family but they didn’t support me, I turned to my friends but they were too busy pulling me down when I turned to gin. By the third day, the music flowed through me. Within the next three months, I had had my first contract with the best label in town. After that, there was no turning back because I got it all.

In the words of Enigma, in their song “The Rivers of Belief”, “If you believe in life it’s because of obscurity, if you believe in joy it’s because of sadness, and if you believe in God it’s because of the devil.” To understand what this means you need to only listen to the song with an open mind. I had to get drunk to understand it, but when I heard it sober, it is the best song, the world has ever heard. The music is what brings out the confessions of an alcoholic. Now I don’t have anything except loneliness and my music. Please refer to Enigma’s song, “I love you…I’ll kill you.” That is when loneliness truly sets in and the confessions start flowing into music.

True story but not the author.