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Complete blackout in CM area, Bahadurabad Kamaha road Lahore

Lahore: In the posh area of Lahore Bahadurabad, Kamaha road electricity blackout is for almost five days. The area is under the supervision of CM Sehbaz Sharif but nobody is there to resolve the issue.

The main reason behind electricity black out is Sheikh Amjad, people present claimed. After making a society he handed the society to the people and the people have to purchased the electricity for daily needs. Even the local people didn’t complain but the transformer kept on declining and failing  for almost three time. But this time people are fed up and need the authority to look into matter especially Shehbaz Sharif and MNA, Rana Mubasher. correspondent while to talking, people in the outrage said that “We are suffering for almost five day and there is no one to ask about our issues”. Complete blackout made them frustrated and also complain to the leader that are currently in foreign country to make a way to escape from panama scam.

One of the boy said that “We don’t education we just need electricity to live easy”. The area was not giving the look of lahore where new roads, flyovers and so called Singapore was visionless. for the peoples rights talked with the Wapda person and even requested to solve the problems.