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PIA: “Come Fly With Cockroaches”

A lot of living, moving cockroaches were found on a Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) flight. Our proud national carrier “Come Fly With Us” has heaped more humiliation upon us. PIA once again has become a reason to defame Pakistan.

The passenger denied sitting on those cockroach-ed seats of course. Nobody wants to travel in the company of cockroaches. Sadly, this is not the first time.

A short while ago a dead cockroach was found in a food packet served by the cabin crew to a passenger travelling in the Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) flight. There are a lot of cases like the cockpit and Chinese girl case, smuggling of heroin case and the one about a pilot sleeping for 2 hours etc. Although some cases were cleared, others weren’t.

I feel like ‘Aunty Gourmint’, our social media sensation. Unfortunately, my editors won’t let me speak like her.

Our proud national carrier “Come Fly With Us” has heaped more humiliation upon us. What is worse, we can be sure that a lot more is awaiting the hapless nation.

What angers me more than all this is the fact that we purchase this mortification at an extravagant cost. Billions of dollars have been taken from the poor, of which, a hefty portion of from those who have never set foot on a plane to keep this grand garbage flying.

Aunty Gourmint, in her investigation of Pakistan’s governmental issues, discloses to us two things:

To start with, the administration has been sold out and now is practically useless.

Second, Pakistan’s decision-making first class is furtively in cahoots to befool and dupe us. PIA demonstrates every last bit of her focuses. Governments in Pakistan are sold out to their sectional and class interests and our world class indicate astonishing solidarity while guarding their interests. The government starts the play by announcing privatization plans for PIA, mourning the losses that the corporation is incurring.

PIA argues that with some investment it can become a great airline once again and there is simply no need to privatize it. PIA employees and opposition parties together blame PIA’s inefficiency on the government, ‘forcing’ the government to undertake a restructuring plan that would make PIA a profitable entity. Some argue that PIA can be privatized after buying some new planes.

So who is at fault here? This question can not go unanswered because we are talking about a national airline, which was once the pride of Pakistan, What changed then? Also, what needs to be changed now?