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Colossal Mexico-US Drug Tunnel Discovered in San Diego

Authorities in San Diego have found one of the longest cross-border drugs-smuggling tunnels between Mexico and US, say the American officials.

They stated that the 800m tunnel was used to transfer an “unprecedented cache” of marijuana & cocaine.

It was 13th sophisticated secret tunnel that was found along the California’s border with Mexico since year 2006.

A local official pronounced it as “ingenious” & unlike anything seen before.

3 tunnels have been found on same short street in San Diego running parallel to the border fence with Mexico.

In latest incident around 1,016kg of cocaine & 6,350kg of marijuana assumed of being conveyed through tunnel was seized, say the officials.

Colossal Mexico-US Drugs Tunnel Discovered in San Diego
The tunnel concealed under a trailer-sized rubbish bin that the smugglers used to transfer drugs from lot,

“This’s the largest cocaine seizure ever associated with a tunnel,” said Laura Duffy, the Southern California District Attorney, and is the 2nd “super tunnel” to be revealed in the current weeks,

In March, the authorities have uncovered a 380m tunnel running from restaurant in Mexico to a house in California.

The recent tunnel that is discovered ran at depth of 14m from bottom of an elevator shaft that is built into a house in Tijuana to a hole in ground on American side that’s enclosed within a fenced-in lot set up as pallet business.

The hole was concealed under a trailer-sized rubbish bin that the smugglers used to transfer drugs from lot, said the federal officials.

“They put drugs in dumpster & then hauled the dumpster to another location to unload it,” said Ms. Duffy

The Country Sheriff’s Deputies of San Diego County then immobile the truck & had seized the drugs, arresting 3 men in the process. Later 3 more suspects were arrested.

The tunnel that’s used in operation was sophisticated, The LA Times reported. It also had a ventilation system & lighting

It is a rabbit hole,” said Ms. Duffy.

“Just the whole way that it comes up right out into open is a bit ingenious. It is something completely different than what we have seen before,” she added.