CM Punjab Turned-off the Mic of Zainab’s Father

A very strange move was made by CM Punjab during the press-conference when Zainab’s father was about to give answers to the reporters. CM Punjab, within no minute, turned off the Mic of Haji Ameen.

In the first phase of reaction, Haji Ameen couldn’t control his reaction but he remained silent. His facial expressions were not showing any welcome call for the CM act.

The accused Imran in Zainab case is also a story for investigation. He claimed that super natural powers engulfed his mind and controlled his body. Three different sketches were changed by the police and after coming with Imran, police says that he shaved his beard. The DNA samples collected from Imran matched but forensic experts say that DNA match is fruitful if it’s done within 24 hours. But, in Zainab’s case, after 14 days the accused Imran is arrested.

Zainab case has raised many questions which call for serious attention.