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Clinton Reminds New Yorkers How Much They Adored Her as Senator

Hillary Clinton, the Democratic presidential candidate kicks off her campaigning in up state New York on Friday, as she tries to hold on to state she represented as the United States’ senator for 8 years ahead of its primary elections in 2 weeks.

During her tenure (2001 – 2009) as a senator, she remained popular. Instead of coming into Senate & making a huge splash, Hillary Clinton had kept her head down & concentrated on subjects of concern to New York — and that is the record that she & her campaign will try to raise in advance of the April 19 primary.

“[Bernie Sanders] is going to campaign like a Brooklynite, and she is going to campaign like a senator who represented this state for 8 years and has lived here for 16,” said Clinton’s top Strategist, Joel Benenson on Monday.

She’s going to be making a larger case here,” said the Policy adviser, Jake Sullivan on Thursday.

“And that larger case is built on the proposition that she believes she’s the only candidate in race on either side who can actually set forth a vision for where she wants to take this country & prove to people that she can get there — that she can actually deliver that outcome and make that difference in lives of people that’s going to improve things for them,” he added.

However, Bernie Sanders is not going to give up NY without a combat. Sanders was born in Brooklyn & state has a strong base of progressives who’re drawn to his message.

The Sanders campaign also considers that his economic message could reverberate with voters who’ve seen jobs disappear in state. In recent days, Bernie Sanders has cut steadily into Hillary Clinton’s lead.

Losing NY would be a chief blow to Hillary Clinton symbolically, even if it does not significantly hurt her in her delegate lead against Bernie Sanders.