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Clinton email exposed by Lucman on Baaghi


Pakistan’s topmost investigative journalist and senior anchorperson Mubasher Lucman, in yet another first, has made startling revelations over about a highly confidential Hillary Clinton email of strategic existential bearings for Pakistan.

The email of January 2012, subject: “Pakistan” has been leaked, which was sent to Hillary Clinton by her trusted senior policy advisor Jake Sullivan. It would be pertinent to mention here that Mr Sullivan also served at highly responsible post of Director Policy Planning in the US State Department.

The crucial email states that former Chief of Army Staff, General Ashfaq Pervez Kayani wished to dismiss Zardari’s PPP government in 2012 due to rampant corruption and the impoverished economic conditions in Pakistan.

The email, Lucman informs, was referring to the time when corruption case had been opened in the Supreme Court against former Prime Minister Yousuf Raza Gillani and the impending court decision was almost certain to be against Mr Gilani.

The email held former government of Pakistan Peoples Party responsible for the poor economy and fear of default over IMF agreements, due to which former COAS was extremely upset and seriously planned to remove Zardari’s government to improve financial and functional state of affairs of the country. It would also have diminished the possibility, though already miniscule, that Army was feeling some threat or challenge from civil government.

The gravity of the scenario can be gauged from the fact that according to widely held public opinion, indeed backed by numerous circumstantial evidences as well, Pakistan’s military establishment was already in de-facto control of the country’s defence and foreign policy. Yet, the top brass viewed the inept civilian government as a serious existential threat to the country from within.

Under such dire circumstances and to safeguard United States interests, the policy advisor suggested to Mrs Clinton that US should play on neutral ground and need not speak up in Zardari’s favour as it would create the impression that Americans were in support of corruption committed by Zardari and Gilani. Clinton advisor also pontificated that Pakistan economy would collapse in summer 2012.

So, the sagacious Mr Sullivan recommended to make it understand to Army’s higher officials that constitution should not be abrogated and Americans desired the solution within the ambit of law.

Lucman’s juxtaposition of visible surface facts vis-a-vis the invisible undercurrents of potential tsunami proportions and the forewarning thereof, speak volumes of his deep analytic prowess and sincerity to the cause of his journalistic profession on one hand and uncompromising patriotism, on the other.

The eerie resemblance pointed out by Mubasher Lucman, of the aforementioned 2012 circumstances with the current state of affairs of our dear motherland, must be a cause of serious concern for every Pakistani across all political, ethnic, sectarian, linguistic, gender, socio-economic …….. divides.