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Clinton Discloses What is More Important than her Campaign

Hillary Clinton, the Democratic presidential hopeful, this week appeared on “The View” to talk about the upcoming election & the one thing she makes sure to strategy her campaign appearances around.

Hillary Clinton said that her campaign is wisely arranged to make certain that she’s time to see her 18 month old granddaughter, Charlotte Clinton Mezvinsky.

The delighted grandma, who has another grandchild approaching this summer, said that becoming a grandparent “is the most amazing experience.” “It’s like falling in love all over again,” gushed Hillary Clinton.

With her tiring schedule, the former Secretary of State said that FaceTime (An Apple’s video calling service, allowing anyone with a recent iPhone, iPod touch, iPad, or Mac to make free calls to any other Apple user over Wi-Fi) is a blessing to assist her beat the “separation anxiety” she gets when being gone from her granddaughter for too long.

 “FaceTime was invented for grandparents,” added the Democratic Hopeful, Hillary Clinton.  

Charlotte is so adored by her grand mom and “Pop-Pop” Bill Clinton, they have both revealed that they have taken their fair share of turns when it comes to the diaper duty.

The pair has been transformed by their new role as the grandparents, said Chelsea Clinton, their daughter, and has even presented Bill Clinton something to connect with the fellow former president, George W. Bush.