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Clinton Accused of Using Static Noise to Cover Fundraising Speech

Hillary Clinton, the Democratic presidential candidate used a “static noise machine” at her fundraising event to avert the press & public from hearing her speech, said a local reporter in Denver.

The fundraiser was on Thursday at residence of John Hickenlooper, the Colorado Governor. The event was private, but as it took place outside — in a tent in governor’s yard — anyone nearby would be able to hear much of what’s going on.

Nevertheless, seemingly the Hillary Clinton campaign wanted to ensure that did not happen, according to Stan Bush the CBS Denver reporter, who tweeted that the drive pointed a white-noise machine at street just before Clinton spoke.


He also wrote that the noise came from the large speaker that was pointed out into the street.

The Press-free fundraisers were a subject of contention in 2012 presidential elections, when the transparency advocates took both President Barack Obama and then-Republican nominee Mitt Romney to task for excluding the reporters from the private events, or portions of the events. The Hillary Clinton campaign didn’t instantly respond to a request for comment.

The Sanders campaign detained on allegations in a Friday email to the supporters, with the subject line “Wild story from Hillary Clinton fundraiser last night.”


However the Bernie Sanders campaign’s also held the fundraisers at private residences, and all of them have been open to some press coverage, said Michael Briggs, the spokesperson of the Bernie Sanders campaign.

“There’ve been 3 fundraisers in LA at private homes,” said Briggs in an email. “2 were covered by Hollywood Reporter & local press. 1 was covered by a pool reporter, John Wagner of Washington Post. In that instance, as other pooled events, we distributed the unedited report to our entire press list.”

It is uncertain if any reporters were permitted into the Hillary Clinton event at Hickenlooper’s home, however The Denver Post made prominent that her campaign “would release no details to press in advance.”