Clean Water Issue & The Value of Human Life

The right to clean drinking water—essential to living!

The value of a human life today seems far little than anything else. Wherever you look, you will find clues to how various mafias are working to deteriorate the quality and lifespan of human life or any life rather since we are part of a large ecosystem dependent on each other for basic survival. According to recent studies, the Pakistan Council of Research in Water Resources also known as the PCRWR revealed names of certain high-selling brands of water on Monday. These brands according to PCRWR maintain “poor hygiene” in their water bottles.

Quality of clean drinking water in Pakistan is a rarity as it is, with many poor people resorting to drinking filthy water for survival because they simply cannot afford water. Let us not forget that water is an essential part of the human body, without which our bodies cease to function properly, dehydration which is a result of not drinking enough water can also cause other health issues, such as stomach problems. However, in some cases, this may even lead to death.

Apart from need, access to clean water is a basic human right. So, why is it that something as fundamental as water is becoming a luxury for the disadvantaged. Water and its distribution, by the water-mafia, is used to toy with peoples’ health and their lives.

Clean water is a basic human need and not a luxury.

The answer is very simple. The mafia does not care what happens to anyone. Their aim is to make money as much of it as possible. For them, the fact that people fall ill is like a cherry on top of the cake because it ensures more business. How? When a person falls ill they visit the doctor for medication. The medicine the doctor prescribes is then taken with water. People for them are like experimental guinea pigs meant to be discarded when we do not seem to meet their purpose.

Furthermore, a similar article was published on earlier about the UK scandal of Dasani water, and how the people were able to bring a revolution against Coca Cola. This was only possible because the people are aware of the importance of good health, they are educated enough to understand that “pure” and “clean” water is a right of all. Unfortunately, irrespective to the fact that people are educated or not, in Pakistan, we are mostly a people divided not because we want to be but, because we are easily persuaded by big names and brands claiming that their priority is our good health.

Image taken from campaign to stop the production & distribution of Coca Cola’s Dasani water in the UK.

According to PCRWR, the names include Gourmet, Aqua Super Life, Aqua Splash, Shiraz, as well as Marina Drinking Water. There will be many people who would jump forward to justify that water of any quality is good because it is water and cannot be impure, however, mineral water or bottled water which is sold in various parts of Pakistan including rural areas, is by no means safe water. “Safe” is a term loosely placed here, since, it is right of every citizen to demand and deserve clean water to ensure good health.

Gourmet’s “world of purity” leading to people having unhealthy and impure lives.
Aqua Super Life water purifier is confirmed to be a source of unsafe water.

In conclusion, let me remind you how the general public, the common man flipped the cards in their favour against the beverages-giant, Coca Cola, in the UK. With help from the media, the common man was able to manipulate the situation in their favour because the government takes immediate action since the people are aware of their rights. This is something which is missing in us [though, hopefully not for any longer as the people are becoming increasingly more observant].

The common man in Pakistan needs to be educated about their rights; this education is not necessarily academic but more civic in nature. The common man must pave paths to progress for him/herself in “Naya Pakistan” and not let the beverage-bullies get away with selling just anything to us.

Aqua Splash declared unhealthy by PCRWR.

Perhaps, we must unite against them to demand justice in our Naya Pakistan. Demand the right to clean water and tackle the issue for the future generations to come. Labels are not important to us, it is our lives. Quality of life only matters if one has health otherwise it is not living the “good life” but, medicinal support to survival. Moreover, we must unite against these forces and demand that the new government kindly take notice of this issue as well. We must demand that these brands either improve their quality or shut down their water business for good instead of risking the lives of thousands of people everywhere.