CJP Takes Suo Motu Notice in the Murder Case of Journalist Zeeshan Butt

The article contains very disturbing audios of the final moments of Late Zeeshan Butt. Discretion is advised. 

Finally, the apex court responds to the application of supreme court reporters in the brutal murder of Zeeshan Butt, former Chairman Press Club and a national daily correspondent of Sambrial tehsil.

The apex court has also summoned the report from the IG Punjab within 48 hours.

Union Council Chairman of Sialkot, Imran Cheema, is accused of the murder of journalist Zeeshan Butt.

Baaghi brings you the exclusive audio-clips of Butt’s final moments in which he made two calls; one to police for help and the other to the District Council Chairperson, Hina Arshad Waraich. He was gunned down while talking to the later.

In the following audio, Butt is talking to area’s SHO to inform him of death threats which he has been receiving from Cheema, nevertheless, the authorities failed to respond to his request for assistance. Had they showed up on time, Butt could have been alive today.

In the following audio, Butt is talking to Chairman, District Council, Hina Arshad Warriach, to inform him about the potential death threats from Imran Cheema. It was this call during which he was shot dead.

May justice be served as soon as possible to help his soul rest in peace.