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IOK: Civilian killed, 66 injured after Indian forces open fire on funeral procession

A civilian was killed and 66 wounded Thursday in Indian-occupied Kashmir when Indian forces fired bullets, pellets and teargas shells on a crowd gathered for the funeral of three ‘rebels’ slain overnight in clashes with soldiers, police said. (AFP Reported)


Thousands of villagers poured onto the streets for the funeral, chanting slogans against Indian rule and pelting stones at soldiers who responded with bullets and pellet fire, a police officer said.


S P Vaid, director general of police for the territory, confirmed a protester was killed in the exchange.

Another police officer, speaking on condition of anonymity, said at least a dozen others were injured by pellets fired by government forces to disperse the angry crowd.

A tear gas shell fired by an Indian policeman explodes behind Kashmiri protesters during a protest in Srinagar, Indian-controlled Kashmir


According to locals. The injured were taken to the public health centre (PHC) where doctors referred five of them to sub-district hospital (SDH) Pampore due to the severity of their injuries.

Government forces also allegedly beat up two medical staff of PHC and damaged two of their vehicles near the army camp in the area, the PHC’s officials said.

An Indian paramilitary soldier uses a sling to shoot glass marbles at Kashmiri protesters

Rebel groups have for decades fought the roughly 500,000 Indian soldiers deployed in the territory, demanding independence or a merger with Pakistan.