Civil Society Takes it to Streets in Protest of Sharif’s Interview

By Maryam Iraj

Under the Civil Society Lahore Circle, a strong protest took place in reaction to the interview of the former PM Nawaz Sharif, published in a national daily,  in the Assembly Hall square.

Hundreds of the members of civil society representing academia, business community, and legal community, participated in the rally to protest.

Square was resonating with the anti-Nawaz slogans, such as:

مودی کا جو یار ہے غدار ہے، غدار ہے‘کے زور دار نعرے لگائے جاتے رہے۔

Keeping in view of the pro-Indian policies of Sharif and his recent interview claiming that Pakistan “allowed” non-state actors to commit terrorism in India, Mumbai 26 November 2008, has resulted in immense anger and outrage among masses.

Chairman Civil Society Circle, Ali Imran Shaheen, Abdul Waheed Shah, advocates who participated; Sahibzada Ashraf Azmi, Mian Mahmood, Usman Shafiq, Aqil Chaudhary, Aftab Virk, and many other known civil society representatives addressed the angry and grieving protesters.

Nawaz is nothing more than a puppet in the hands of anti-Pakistan forces and with such a bold-faced lie, he is pushing for international legal sanctions to be placed on Pakistan. Hence a treason case must be leveled against him, according to the protesters.

He is making up such horrendous lies for his personal petty benefits, and to save himself and his family from the ongoing trial in the supreme court. Furthermore, his interview corroborates with the Indian narrative of  baseless allegations on Pakistan concerning terrorism. Instead of being ashamed of his interview, he is not only endorsing it but also intimidating to give few more to destabilize Pakistan, if need be.

Sharif would never talk about Kulbhosan Yadav, a serving Indian army officer and spy caught in Pakistan, or Indian terrorism in Pakistan and Kashmir but would continue to make false allegations to malign the image of Pakistan. A well-documented Indian engagement in Afghanistan to train the terrorist and execute the heinous plans in Pakistan shall remain unnoticed by Nawaz Sharif, claimed the angry protesters.

If a country can select him thrice, it can also hold him accountable for anti-Pakistan statements, a determined protestor claimed.

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