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Cinemas will re-open in Saudi Arab after 1970s

According to the news by a local newspaper, Saudi Arab government will give permission to private companies so they can open cinemas in Kingdom.

Sultan Al-Bazi, the chairman of the Saudi culture and arts association Sultan Al Bazi, said while speaking to a local newspaper.

Cinema houses will reopen in Saudi Arabia soon; the decision is not in our hands, but they will open again because of social changes and the fact that they do not contradict religion

He also said that according to the current situation you can see that the kingdom is currently going through the process of change.

I believe that reopening of the cinemas is part of these changes

Around 40 years ago in 1970s cinema houses were common culture and their were a lot of cinemas were operating in different parts of the kingdom of that time, but all were later shut down in ‘80s, because of the some religious sanctions by the authoritarians.

This step of reopening the cinemas in the country will give a chance to promote cultural activities in the otherwise ultra-conservative society.

In another positive move, last week Deputy Crown Prince Mohammad bin Salman indicated that he wants to lend more support to the cause of women empowerment in his country.

We believe women have certain rights in Islam that they are yet to obtain.

Higher authority the prince said he had no problem with the notion of women driving in the kingdom. In fact, he expressed having problems with those who distorted religion to suppress legitimate rights granted to them in Islam.