CII to review the blasphemy laws

ISLAMABAD: On Thursday, The head of the Council of Islamic Ideology (CII), Muhammad Khan Sherani stated that he is willing to review the blasphemy laws.

He said that critics have regularly stated that the law is regularly misused and its misuse has led to hundred of deaths. He also stated that it will also be decided if the laws are Islamic or not.

Khan Sherani stated to Reuters that he has now agreed to reopen the debate. It would be judged if those death sentences as harsh as the death penalty were fair.

In an interview, Sherani stated the following

“The government of Pakistan should officially, at the government level, refer the law on committing blasphemy to the Council of Islamic Ideology. There is a lot of difference of opinion among the clergy on this issue,”

Sherani also referred to the recommendations

“Then the council can seriously consider things and give its recommendation of whether it needs to stay the same or if it needs to be hardened or if it needs to be softened,”

Although no sentence has been carried out, blasphemy laws in Pakistan mandate the death penalty. The law was criticized as it allows others to settle personal scores.

Sherani who is the head of the council since 2010 stated that he is doing his job only as referred to him by the constitution. The council’s advice is not binding.

“The state should only be concerned up until a point with the question of marriage,” Sherani stated

“After reaching the age of maturity (puberty) the child has the right to reject a union.”

Judges have always been reluctant in presenting cases as evidence is not easy to provide in such cases.

In 2011, Salman Taseer was killed by his own bodyguard after he defended a Christian woman on blasphemy allegation.

There have been numerous cases in the past where people were lit to death on accusations of blasphemy.

The decision can prove to be positive if the laws are reconsidered.