Christopher Robin’s Winnie The Pooh Banned in China

Though Winnie the Pooh was everyone’s favorite bear and cartoon when they were younger and now this character is coming in a movie that will be released all across the world except for chine. Why is this so? This is because of the memes circulating around the globe that China’s president Xi Jinping resembles Pooh. This has become a way of mockery in China and the president is not appreciating such as act. Due to this reason, Chinese Censors have banned Christopher Robin from releasing in China.

Though this comparison of Winnie the Pooh and Xi Jinping started in 2013 when the Chinese president visited USA in 2013 and he took a stroll with the former American President; Barak Obama. Obama was compared to Tigger while Xi Jinping was compared to Pooh.

Xi was again compared to the fictional bear; Pooh in 2014 during a meeting with Japan’s prime minister, Shinzo Abe, who took on the part of the pessimistic, gloomy donkey, Eeyore.

n 2015, a picture showing Xi in a motorcade alongside an image of a Winnie the Pooh in a toy car was called “China’s most censored photo.”

Since the memes became widely renowned and didn’t stop, Chinese censors took all such images that were used in the memes away from the eye of the public. The website of US television station HBO was blocked last month after comedian John Oliver repeatedly made fun of the Chinese president’s apparent sensitivity over comparisons of his figure with that of Winnie. The segment also focused on China’s dismal human rights record.

Chinese government saw the memes as a threat to the dignity of the presidential office and the Chinese president Xi Jinping.

“Regimes are often touchy, yet the backlash is confusing since the government is effectively squashing a potential positive, and organic, public image campaign for Xi, Beijing’s reaction is doubly odd given the fact that Xi has made substantial efforts to create a cult of personality showing him as a benevolent ruler,” said the government.

This may not be the only reason for the films banning; China only allows 34 international films to be released each year and Winnie The Pooh, Christopher Robins might not be eligible to come in those 34 lucky films.

Christopher Robins is the second Disney film after A Wrinkle In Time was Banned this year.

Jim Cummings was the voice of Winnie the Pooh and Tigger while Evan McGregor played Christopher Robins and Hayley Atwell played Evelyn Robin and Bronte Carmichael played Madeline Robin. Tristan Sturrock played Christopher’s father and Katy Carmichael played his mother’s role.

Christopher Robin is a live action film starring Ewan McGregor as the leading role and tells the story of Robin reuniting with the honey-loving bear as an adult and rediscovering his playful imagination.

Though the Chinese Censor hasn’t given a solid reason for banning the film the two very obvious reasons stated above are what the whole world perceives would be the right ones.