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Chris Gayle is coming back to Big Bash

SYDNEY: West Indian hard hitting batsman Chris Gayle could return to Australia’s T20 league, with Cricket Australia saying the West Indian had not been blacklisted over a sexism scandal, according to reports.

Chris Gayle came into headlines in January when he tried to flirt with television sports reporter Mel McLaughlin during a live interview.

During live telecast, Chris  Gayle said he was happy to be speaking to McLaughlin “just to see your eyes for the first time” and suggested they go for a drink afterward.

“Don’t blush baby,” the West Indian star told her in reply which led to him being fined by his Australian club Melbourne Renegades.

The incident had resulted in condemnation from several quarters, with the officials also fining the big West Indian $10,000.

And for those who still thought maybe the name of Gayle’s daughter being ‘Blush’ was nothing short of a big coincidence, the next tweet made it amply clear that it wasn’t so. That he was planning this all along: “Thank you all for the sweet and kind messages. Blush won’t blush, my baby.”



No matter what anyone at Cricket Australia thought (of the incident) at management level, board level, I think you’re on a slippery slope if you start making judgments on players who could or shouldn’t be playing in the Big Bash League or our domestic competitions, Sutherland said in comments published Saturday.

[quote]Because, when does that ever end? My view is unless there’s a very, very strong reason along the lines of anti-corruption, then it’s difficult for us to be making those judgments.[/quote]

Gayle, 36, reportedly wants to return to the Big Bash League in Australia later this year.

At the time, Cricket Australia’s James Sutherland said such comments were inappropriate in the workplace, adding that Gayle was not in a “night club.”

Even when the whole ‘Blush’ controversy erupted, Gayle had played it down by claiming it was just a ‘simple joke’ that was blown way out of proportions.

So whether to believe that Gayle has named his daughter as Blush can be left to the individual gut, but don’t be surprised if it turned out to be yet another addition in Gayle’s ‘simple jokes’ list as he isn’t someone to blush away from it.