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Chinese security: New independent security wing to be formed

LAHORE: Home department would monitor the new wing of the security forces, being formed in expectancy of the arrival of the Chinese workers for CPEC.

Authorities had decided the creation of a new independent and dedicated wing. The summary prepared in this regard demanded an independent wing, under an additional secretary, a deputy secretary and three section officers for the security personals of about 11,000 to provide security to the Chinese workers.

A BPS-19 police officer would assist the security wing, from the Punjab Police. The home department had moved the summary of foreign security to the Defense Planning wing.

Around 60,000 Chinese are expected to arrive in Pakistan by 2018, according to the Punjab Information Secretary Raja Jahangir. Punjab Police had established the Special Protection Unit (SPU) in 2014 for the security of foreigners.

He said that the security of these foreigners is the top priority of the Punjab government and solid steps would be taken. Currently, SPU has strength of 5,000 persons and it would be increased accordingly to ensure the safety of the foreigners working in Punjab.

Pakistan’s foreign office was briefed by provincial government regarding the security arrangements for Chinese, in 2014. The home secretary had paid a visit to China to brief about the security arrangements being made in the province.

Punjab government had created special desks at airports, where Chinese could register themselves and from onwards the security of the workers working on public projects would be the responsibility of the Punjab government. However, the security of the Chinese working for private projects would be the responsibility of hosting firm.